Surveillance and Investigation


Embezzlement, pilfering, shoplifting and similar crimes are not always obvious – at first.  Neither is fraud, forgery, copyright theft or industrial espionage.


Until all the evidence is in place – and to avoid arousing suspicion among your colleagues, staff and suppliers – uncovering the truth is probably best done with the help of a specialist outside company rather than the police.


Similarly, if you want covert information about a potential or current employee – or a company you are considering transacting with – obtaining sensitive information, perhaps outside the public domain, also needs expert help.


They know their stuff

This is where our strengths lie: a team of highly trained professionals specialising in Surveillance and Investigation, to help you.


Their backgrounds are in the public and private intelligence services, IT, police and the military – many have international experience, and all had commercial involvement before coming to work with us.  They know their stuff.


They are experts, too, at disguising themselves and blending into their surroundings, enabling them to obtain information and track targets under surveillance without them being aware of our presence.



















They like our methodology

Typical assignments include uncovering industrial spying and counterfeiting, passing off, deception, robbery and infiltrating suspect groups, using traditional techniques and high-end technology skills to deliver accurate results which can be used in a court of law if necessary.


Our clients include businesses large and small, banks, insurance companies, financial institutions, the legal profession, retail and IT sectors and police and government departments – they like our methodology and use of highly skilled, specialist rural, urban and mobile surveillance teams.




















Should it be necessary...

Should it be necessary, we can supply a team of specially trained, SIA licensed officers who can assess a crisis situation, react positively to protect those in danger and resolve the situation with the least amount of fuss.


These officers are highly qualified, very experienced and licensed by the organisation responsible for regulating the UK's private security industry.  It is an independent body reporting to the Home Secretary.
Their training and experience has armed them with observation and recognition skills and the ability to identify a potentially awkward situation early on before it escalates so they can take preventive measures. 


Worldwide Network

We are also partners with a worldwide network of other investigative agencies with whom we can exchange key information to establish quickly the credentials of people and organisations outside the UK. 


Click here to contact us in confidence to discuss how our surveillance and investigation teams can help you to resolve issues or concerns you have or checks you'd like made.


All our surveillance operations are implemented with regard to the law, the Data Protection Act, the Human Rights Act and privacy legislation.