Hotel Security Ambassadors


We call them Hotel Security Ambassadors ( HSA ) – because they are our specially trained people working in your hotel and responsible for all aspects of your hotel's security, especially the security of your guests.


As they are normally working front of house, we feel it's equally important they contribute to the unique feeling your hotel engenders by giving your guests a warm welcome, helping them to enjoy their stay with you and providing an aura of security for guests and staff.


We therefore train our Security Ambassadors to be...


  • Approachable and friendly.

  • Well-mannered.

  • Helpful – 'Yes I can.  Is there anything else I can do for you?'

  • Welcoming to guests – and always with a smile.

  • Looking for eye contact.

  • Aware for some guests, your hotel is their home.

  • Fair and act with humanity.

  • Dedicated and loyal.

















Their tough side

While our ambassadors are trained to blend in with hotel personnel, they are also Close Protection SIA licenced and can tread the fine line between incurring any sense of intimidation and providing you with high levels of surveillance and security.

As you should expect, each ambassador will have been selected very carefully for this role, given interpersonal skill training and be thoroughly conversant with all security matters, upon which your hotel's reputation rests.


SIA licensed

To obtain an Close Protection SIA licence, our HSA have to be highly qualified, very experienced and able to identify and assess a potentially difficult situation before it escalates.


They know how to react positively to protect those in danger, discreetly ward off would-be trouble makers and resolve the situation with the least amount of fuss.


Their training and experience will also have armed them with observation and recognition skills – and as SIA licensees, they are entitled to physically intervene if necessary.



Click here to contact us to discuss how our HSA can help you to improve the security of your hotel.