Corporate Security


What could be more devastating to a business than a security lapse which ends in loss of ​life, physical assets, intellectual property or reputation?  We've seen it happen, so we know.


Our operational and consultancy services can help you to avoid such a calamity by modernising, upgrading or enhancing your security procedures and policies.


We'll work with you so your businesses' assets around the world are secured and protected across all human, data, financial, technological and physical domains.


Working with you to improve security

We do this by listening to you, discussing ideas and providing hands-on training programmes – formulated specifically to help you implement security procedures and processes with ease and tailored to your company.


Then, we will work alongside you to raise awareness of security issues at every level in your business, provide bespoke solutions to address any corporate or personnel threats and advise on how management aspects – ranging from state-of-the-art information technology to physical security matters – are best dealt with.


















What have other companies done?

Successful national and multinational companies look at their security and...

  • Properly resource and manage security operations.

  • Understand the impact on their business of security risks and the benefits of minimising risk levels.

  • Anticipate, monitor, manage and make a measured response to events which may harm their business.

  • Prepare contingency plans to reduce the impact of a negative event should it occur.


How Core Security can help you

From on-the-ground services and practical and strategic advice, the help we provide is designed to minimise and manage the security risks your organisation faces.
Although every situation differs in detail, there are many common elements we have perfected:


  • Formulation of policies, solutions and strategies in asset protection to reduce the likelihood of operational risks and potential losses.

  • Preparation of crisis plans to eliminate or severely reduce the impact of an event to acceptable levels and safeguard the company's reputation.

  • Audit, benchmark and review existing arrangements to identify misaligned resources or gaps.

  • Provision of training and services on security to help the management and implementation of security matters, global and local.

  • Provision of emergency assistance in response to a crisis.


Responding to a Crisis

Should a crisis occur, we can supply a team of specially trained, Close Protection licensed officers who can assess the situation, react positively to protect those in danger and resolve the situation with the least amount of fuss.


These officers are highly qualified, very experienced and licensed by the Security Industry Authority, the organisation responsible for regulating the UK's private security industry.  It is an independent body reporting to the Home Secretary.
Their training and experience has armed them with observation and recognition skills and the ability to identify a potentially awkward situation early on before it escalates so they can take preventive measures – and as SIA licensees, they are entitled to physically intervene if necessary.


We are also partners with a worldwide network of other investigative agencies with whom we can exchange key information to establish quickly the credentials of people and organisations outside the UK. 


If corporate security is your responsibility, let's work together to ensure the unthinkable doesn't happen to your company.  Click here for our contact details.