Close Protection


We offer a comprehensive and tailored Close Protection Operative service.


We can supply individual bodyguards and complete surveillance teams who can be deployed as required to suit your needs and circumstances.


Our people, chosen from a variety backgrounds, include security drivers, personal escorts and advanced security parties.  


They will analyse threats, make risk assessments, consult with you and create a bespoke security plan to ensure any danger to you, your family or your colleagues and staff is eliminated while you are travelling, at home, in your office or at other places.


Intrusion or Freedom?

Because of the nature and profile of your job and who you are – with genuine concerns you might be at risk – does it also mean the freedom an 'ordinary' person enjoys will be lost?


It shouldn't – neither should you feel those guarding and protecting you are also intruding.


Squaring the circle between successfully protecting you and keeping out of your way is what our people are trained to do.


Their job is to prevent any harm to you: to safeguard you but not impose on your privacy.
















Protection or Surveillance?

Circumstances will dictate if close protection team members should operate overtly and in a highly visible manner, to create a visual deterrent, or – as is mostly the case – blend into the background, while keeping you fully protected.


If a personal protection service isn't fully justifiable, our personal surveillance service, with observations from afar using sophisticated equipment – including tracking devices, high-tech cameras and high-end recording apparatus – may be better suited to your requirements or your budget.

















High Risk Areas

When travelling to areas which impose political, terrorist, medical or any other form of personal risk, it's natural you should expect that you, your family and your colleagues will be fully protected.


Our specialist operators have been given very sophisticated training in how to handle the high risk and complex situations which can arise in hostile, or potentially hostile, environments.


They will know what to expect – and that the unexpected may also happen.  They will share information with you, advise on the safest course of action and organise transport and other logistics to minimise any danger.

What value can you put on being safeguarded?  You must decide: let us work together on that decision.  Click here for our contact details.

















The Core Range of Services

Core Security has every regard for the law, so all our security programmes are in accord with international and national laws. They include:


  • Threat analysis and risk assessment before any task commences to meet individual requirements – matched to your work, movements and life style.

  • Close personal protection.

  • Bodyguard service.

  • Chauffeur with advanced security driver training.

  • Executive protection.

  • Family security officers.

  • Personal escort section.

  • Residential security teams.

  • Shopping trip escorts.

  • Super-yacht security.

  • Celebrity VIP protection.

  • International diplomat protection.

  • Valuable asset escort.


And, we are partners with a worldwide network of other investigative agencies with whom we can exchange key information to establish quickly the credentials of people and organisations outside the UK. 


We tailor our services to ensure the needs of our clients are exceeded – contact us on +44 0 203 829 5444 and let's begin a dialog on how Core Services can safeguard you.