About Core Security


Experience.  Dedication.  Competence.  Trust.  These are the essential qualities of a first-class security service.


The operational people at Core Security are highly trained individuals whose background – with the intelligence services, special forces, police and close protection specialists – gives them the ability to manage every aspect of security and protection, from personal and corporate security to high-risk, complex situations.


We are industry leaders in only employing SIA licensed Close Protection Officers for all our services – not just for close personal safeguarding, but also where we work in hotels, offices and private residences, on super-yachts, at entertainment and leisure venues, at events and ceremonies.


Global Network

We provide security for individuals, commercial clients, governments, scientific and non-governmental organisations.


And to keep ahead of security threats worldwide, we have created a global network of partners who inform us of activities which could threaten our clients.


This allows us to assess and identify actual and potential threats, mitigate risks and remove them wherever possible.


Core Security is dedicated to client protection with proficiency, surety and professionalism.


Overview of Our Services

Our services include close protection, surveillance, asset security, building safety, reputation protection and personal safeguarding – always carried out with efficiency, discretion and professionalism .


Clients choose what they want and, in co-operation with them, we adapt each service to suit their individual or corporate requirements without the imposition of unnecessary measures of security – we want them to enjoy a sense of freedom without feeling they are being observed and while still guaranteeing their safety.


Whatever the assignment, security planning is always a key element in minimising the likelihood of the unexpected.  We leave nothing to chance.  You would not expect us to.



Our Team

     Experienced, smart, highly professional and dedicated to making Core Security Services a trust worthy, world class security service you can totally rely on.


Dilip Kesavan
Business Development Officer
Gediminas Rakauskas
Operations Manager